How To Lose Weight Using Coconut Oil

  • How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

“How To Lose Weight” This is the question that nags billions of people around the world. Whether you wish to maintain a suitable weight or shed those extra pounds, including coconut oil into your diet will serve a good purpose.

Scientists believe that even though coconut oil is rich in saturated fats; the component lauric acid, a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) has a good effect on your health as compared to other saturated fats.

Hence, you must add this healthy ingredient to your regular diet to improve health as well as to lose a few pounds. Tropical areas such as India, Sri Lanka and Philippines include coconut oil and other coconut products prominently in their diet.

When it comes to weight loss, metabolism is a big deal, so the faster you can get your metabolism going, the more calories your body will burn.

Coconut oil is regarded by health experts as a “thermogenic”, i.e.  After consuming it, the oil increases the fat-burning activity of your body as compared to other essential oils.

Mainly there are 6 different ways in which coconut oil can help your weight loss regime. Let us look at these “How to Lose Weight Using Coconut Oil” methods and see how you can practice these methods of losing weight.

1. Boosts Energy Levels

Lauric acid present in coconut oil increases the body’s metabolic rate. It does not allow the body to digest the essential and good saturated fats directly for storage. Instead, these fats are transported to the liver where it is converted into instant energy.

You must add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil into your daily diet. The best effect is visible when you consume coconut oil early in the morning because it will help increase the energy levels by an additional 5% for the entire day.

2. Curbs Food Cravings and Reduces Hunger

The MCTs process different body functions that help in the formation of ketone bodies. The ketones help in reducing your food cravings and reduce your hunger. In this way, you can lose weight quickly. You can relish about two to three servings of coconut oil daily in order to make you feel more satisfied, feel fuller and thus avoid heavy snacks in between regular mealtimes.

3. An Excellent Fat Burner

If you wish to reduce your calorie intake on a regular basis as well as to lose weight quickly without any compromise of your present health condition, this article provides you with the right remedy. Coconut oil increases the body’s ability of digesting food by absorbing the nutrients without making you feel weaker. It enhances your mood naturally asitreduces your stress levels and promotes healthy cardiovascular functions that help in burning more fat quickly.

Daily consumption will magically increase your body’s potential to burn fat. Coconut oil helps to lose excess belly fat, improves your digestion and regulates your appetite.

4. It Creates a Stable Hormonal Balance

Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of the hormones in your body. Absence of good fatty acids cannot synthesize hormones that regulate your mood, digestion, thyroid functions, sex drive and complete metabolism of your body. Coconut oil contains MCTs that help your body to convert cholesterol in your blood to produce sterone pregnenolone, a basic component resulting in the production of hormones.

Improved digestion, reduced stress levels, less anxiety, an energy boost and burning excessive fat are some of the Benefits of coconut Oil. It assists your body to produce healthy hormones as well as shed the extra flab around your waist, thighs and buttocks.

5. Efficient Absorption of Basic Nutrients

Coconut is a super food that improves your digestive system. Your digestive tract is strengthened to absorb the essential fat-soluble nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E and K. These vitamins help in regenerating cells as well as helps in the development of healthy bones and glowing skin. The vitamins improve your brain functions and enhance your mood as well. Further, Vitamin D helps in digestion by enhancing the absorption of essential minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Minerals and vitamins reduce your stress levels, hunger and promote higher motivation for losing weight. Consume one or two tablespoons of coconut oil to lubricate your body to perform smooth functions.

6. Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Level

The oil absorbs the basic nutrients without any strain on the digestive enzymes. Therefore, the pancreas can rest a bit and produce insulin efficiently. Moreover, coconut oil is a good saturated fat that ensures that the cells bind with the insulin more effectively during digestion. With an efficient production of insulin, the cells receive the adequate amount of glucose (blood sugar) required to supply energy for daily bodily functions.

Daily consumption of one or two servings of coconut oil helps to maintain a stable level of blood sugar that in turn promotes efficient insulin production. Glucose contributes to high energy levels motivating you to lose those extra pounds.

Things to Remember

Consumption of coconut oil in moderate quantities will yield the best results. It is termed as a super food because each gram contains 9 calories.  Considering the addition of calories, you must restrict yourself to consuming only one or two tablespoons daily to assist the weight loss regime. You may replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil to witness the amazing benefits.

Whenever you ask yourself, “How To Lose Weight”, I hope, coconut oil comes to your mind and include it in your diet and lose weight.

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How To Lose Weight Using Coconut Oil


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