How To Cure Hypothyroidism Using Coconut Oil


Health experts around the world have conducted research studies and concluded that a major part of the population in the United States is suffering from hypothyroidism i.e. a failure of the production of thyroid hormone from thyroid gland.

Several symptoms of the disorder include lack of tolerance towards cold, tiredness as well as excessive weight. Hypothyroidism refers to the autoimmune disease that hampers the thyroid functions, which cannot be cured even by the major over-the-counter medications available in the market.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

  1. Difficult to pay attention: When you develop an infection of the thyroid gland, you are unable to focus on your daily activities, and develop forgetfulness. It can also lead to memory issues because when you focus hard on any activity, your brain cells may get damaged.
  1. Fatigue: Normally, a person sleeps for 8 to 10 hours in the night to rest his or her tired body. However, if you notice someone sleeping for a longer duration, it is possible that the person is suffering from low levels of thyroid hormone. When you suffer from hypothyroidism, you have a problem in the functioning of the muscular parts of the body.
  1. Improper digestive system: Persons having an under active thyroid suffer from the problem of constipation because of a slow rate of digestion. However, an excessively active thyroid leads to other health problems such as higher frequency of bowel movements or diarrhea in its worst case.
  1. Mood swings: a person suffering from hypothyroidism is prone to frequent mood swings, stress, anxiety as well as depression. The human body under such conditions is under constant tension and mental pressure.
  1. Other symptoms: hair loss, viral infections, bruises, swelling, noise in the ears, pain in the joints, greater sensitivity to extreme temperatures, PMS, irritation, itching, sleep disorders, sensation in hands & feet, headaches, nausea, hoarse voice, and low level of immunity.

Cure Hypothyroidism With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comprises of healthy saturated fats, also known as medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides that boost your body’s metabolism and it is a good contributor to your weight loss regime.

This natural super food has essential properties that can increase your body’s temperatures to increase the metabolic rate. Essentially, this property of coconut oil is very useful for patients suffering from hypothyroidism.

Oxidation of Thyroid Gland

Vegetable oils contain unhealthy saturated fats or long-chain fatty acids that damage the thyroid functions such that  the thyroid gland releases oxidants at a fast pace and the oil becomes spoilt or rancid.

Trans fatty acids present in vegetable oils hamper the development of cell tissues and negatively impact the thyroid gland.

As a result of the oxidation of long-chain fatty acids, the functions of thyroid hormone T4 are affected and it does not convert into thyroid hormone T3, thus leading to the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The conversion of T4 thyroid hormone to T3 applies extra stress on the enzymes.

How Coconut Oil Helps in Curing Hypothyroidism

Extra virgin or organic coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats. It can be stored at the room temperature easily for up to 5 years. It does not apply any pressure on the enzymes and thus avoids the strain on the enzymes during the process of oxidation.

Moreover, coconut oil contains lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid, which gets absorbed by the cell membranes easily enough to be converted into useful energy quickly.

In addition, the rancid vegetable oils cause damage to the liver functions; however, coconut oil is effective in repairing cell membranes. It increases the production of useful enzymes that help in the hormone conversion.

Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil help in reducing inflammation as well as it helps in tissue repairs along with preventing the intestines from the attack of harmful microbes that lead to chronic illnesses due to inflammation.

The Effect of MCFAs

Monoglycerides and MCFAs are the major components of coconut oil that possess antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties , which help in fighting the harmful microorganisms causing hypothyroidism.

The essential properties mitigate the risks of the microbial lipid structures by deactivating them.  The major triglyceride of lauric acid prevents infections due to the growth of bacteria, yeast, viruses, fungi as well as other parasites….. Read More.

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How To Cure Hypothyroidism Using Coconut Oil


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