How To Clean Cast Iron and Its Rust Using Coconut Oil

  • How To Clean Cast Iron

How To Clean Cast Iron

    You may have cast iron pans and other cast iron cookwares in your kitchen. If rust forms on these cookwares, how do you clean them? In this article, let’s see how to clean cast iron using coconut oil.

How Rust Forms

Rust refers to a red iron oxide formed due to the chemical reaction of oxygen and the iron object when it is exposed to moisture or water. Rust is the combination of several iron oxides such as NH2O, Fe2O2, Fe (OH)2, and FeO(OH).

The element of iron present in a commodity corrodes due to exposure to air and water and leads to the formation of rust on the metallic object. The metallic object becomes spoilt and ineffective when it is damaged due to rust.

Gradually, rust spoils several household items such as car bumpers, garden tools, bathtubs, children’s toys, and furniture.

Remove rust naturally

The market is filled with toxic chemical solutions that help in the removal of rust and keep your household items safe. Nowadays, people are concerned about the various health problems caused due to the use of these toxic chemicals.

Hence, they are looking for natural substitutes to keep their home and household items away from rust. It is a good alternative to protect the environment from the harmful toxins as well.  In addition, these methods are less expensive.

One of the best natural rust removers is Coconut Oil. Coconut oil comprises of medium chain triglycerides that possess anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties thereby making it a versatile cleaner for your household items.

You may either use the natural cleaner directly, or combine it with other ingredients such as lemon or baking soda to prepare to a tough rust cleaner.

Eco-friendly measures to remove rust

The natural and eco-friendly tips of removing rust using coconut oil include:

  • Bathroom cleaner: Your shower and bathtub in the bathroom are under constant threat of developing rust and mold, two difficult elements that are tough to remove.

If you are allergic to the fumes of bleach, you must switch to natural cleaners to remove the rust present on the metallic objects in your bathroom. Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the affected areas of the metallic objects.

Dip a washcloth in coconut oil; scrub the washcloth on the areas where you have applied the baking soda. You can even replace baking soda with white vinegar for initial application.

  • Polish your wooden furniture: Your wooden table and chairs may be damaged due to the application of toxic cleansers.

You may prepare a homemade rust remover using lemon juice and coconut oil.

Mix a tablespoon coconut oil and few drops of lemon juice in a small bowl. Apply the mixture using a paintbrush on the affected areas.

Test the mixture on little portion to ensure that the furniture is not damaged with it.

  • Wipe your floors: Your footwear may leave tough stains on your tiled floors. The stubborn marks can be removed with the use of coconut oil.

Dip a cleaning sponge or washcloth in coconut oil and remove the stains carefully to avoid slippage.

  • If you are using utensils made of stainless steel, then detergents may not clean them properly. To disinfect your stainless steel kitchen items, you must clean them regularly with coconut oil. Coconut oil adds a shiny glaze to the utensils as well.

Coconut oil as a rust remover

You can use coconut oil to get rid of the rust present on your knives, scissors, and other metallic items at home.

Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the rusty item. Keep the object aside for an hour so that it absorbs the remedial properties of the oil effectively. Rinse the object using warm water until thoroughly clean.

Several applications of coconut oil exist; for not only cooking but also at your workplace, garage, and the garden as well. Due to its numerous and distinct benefits, coconut oil is an ideal choice for varied types of applications.

Spring-cleaning is a time-consuming task hence you must use effective cleaners to disinfect your home properly. You can use coconut oil to clean the house, garden tools, remove tough stains, and keep away insects and mosquitoes.

When you buy a tough cleaner from the nearby departmental store, you expose yourself and the members of your family to harmful toxins and chemicals. Instead, you must use coconut oil, a natural disinfectant.

Moreover, the application of coconut oil will not even lead to skin problems.

How To Clean Cast Iron and Its Rust Using Coconut Oil

If the knives and scissors at your home are affected by rust, you can apply coconut oil by following this method.

Step 1: Apply coconut oil on the blades of your scissors and knives.

Step 2: Keep the metallic items aside for 45 minutes up to an hour. The beneficial properties of the coconut oil will react with the rust formed on these objects and reduce the effect of rust.

Step 3: Rinse the knives and scissors using warm water.

How to Clean Cast Iron Using Other Natural Methods:

  1. Ammonia: Mix 1 tsp ammonia with one-cup warm water. Apply the mixture on the rusted items and keep the items aside to soak the mixture. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Salt and Lemon: Coat the rusted item with salt. Apply few drops of lemon juice over the part covered by salt.  The mixture should set on the metallic object for at least 2 hours. Scrub the rust using the lemon rind to avoid any damage to the metallic object.
  3. White vinegar: White vinegar dissolves the rust in order to remove it from the surface of the metallic object. Apply few drops of white vinegar on the rusty surface.

Allow the metal to absorb the vinegar for a couple of hours. Scrub off the mixture to remove rust from the object’s surface.

  1. Aluminum foil: You may also try to use an aluminum foil dipped in white vinegar to remove rust from the knives, scissors, and other metallic household items.

Potato: Use one-half of a potato; apply dish soap on the unpeeled surface. Use it on the rusty surface and keep the object aside. After a couple of hours, remove rust from the object’s surface.

We have learned how to clean cast iron using coconut oil and other natural methods. Let’s clean them all and stay out of dangerous chemicals and toxins.

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How To Clean Cast Iron and Its Rust Using Coconut Oil


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