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Do You Have Bad Breadth(Halitosis)?

Coconut oil can get rid of Halitosis.

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil is quite beneficial for your health because of its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

It also contains essential vitamins and minerals such that, when combined with a healthy diet, it is a great alternative to lead a long, happy, and healthy life.

Are you aware that coconut oil also promotes dental health and avoids several dental diseases?

Dentists recommend regular brushing as well as flossing to maintain oral hygiene. You must brush and floss twice daily.

Regular visits to the dentist include routine checkups, plaque removal, and avoid build-up of tartar that may lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

However, it is a cumbersome process and may not be enough sometimes.

Thus, coconut oil plays an important role in maintaining strong, white and healthy teeth, and strong gums.

Oil Pulling

Coconut oil, an excellent natural product, inhibits the development of bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans, a major factor leading to tooth decay.

You can maintain healthy gums and teeth by practicing the method of ‘Oil Pulling’ using coconut oil.

Ancient health practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine implemented this technique initially, and gradually it spread across the whole world as a method of improving oral health and removing toxins from your body.

Method of Oil Pulling using Coconut Oil

  1. Ensure to practice the method of oil pulling immediately after waking up in the morning, even before brushing your teeth; avoid drinking anything.
  1. Gently swirl and swish about 1 or 2 tablespoons coconut oil inside your mouth; swish the oil between the teeth approximately for 10 to 20 minutes. Do not swallow this oil and perform the action gently so that you do not cause any harm to your cheeks and jaws.
  1. Spit the oil and rinse your mouth immediately, using warm water. You can also rinse with salted water for additional antimicrobial effects.
  1. Brush normally.

Isn’t it easy?

Coconut Oil Decreases Plaque & Gingivitis

Swishing coconut oil around your mouth exerts mechanical forces on the coconut oil thereby leading to emulsification and a tremendous increase in the surface area of coconut oil.

As a result, an oil film is formed over the teeth’s surface. Moreover, the gingival reduces bacterial co-aggregation and does not stick to your plaque.

Hence, a significant reduction is possible in the risk of developing gingivitis. Coconut oil helps in reducing the accumulation of plaque and contributes to the anti-inflammatory as well as emollient effects on your teeth.

The mechanical cleansing action helps in removing tough stains from your teeth.

Removal of Toxins with Coconut Oil

Mercury fillings, root canal therapies and other artificial dental procedures leave their residue that contains toxic agents which enter your bloodstream.

Coconut oil possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in removing the harmful toxins that might lead to oral infection, disease or inflammation of gums.

Natural Cure for Bad Breath(Halitosis)

Oil pulling, along with treating bacteria is a great remedy for halitosis, commonly known as bad breath.

Oil pulling for 14 consecutive days has an effect similar to that of a mouthwash in curing this problem.

Coconut Oil leads to strong, whiter teeth

Strong, healthy, and white teeth makes a person look healthier and younger. However, usually people struggle to maintain perfect white teeth.

Fortunately, coconut oil can come to your rescue. Along with maintaining healthy gums and teeth, you can possess white teeth by using coconut oil regularly.

Follow the process of oil pulling, as mentioned above, and you will have sparkling white teeth. Moreover, you can maintain white teeth with the regular use of coconut oil whitening toothpaste.

Recipe for Preparing Coconut Oil Whitening Toothpaste

It is a simple recipe for preparing a whitening toothpaste at home using coconut oil.

You have to mix 5 tablespoons coconut oil and 5 tablespoons baking soda together.

In case you want to prepare flavored toothpaste, you may add the desired flavor of essential oil (food grade) to the mixture.

Add all the contents in a jar and mix well. Cover the jar tightly with a lid. For an extra smooth paste, blend the mixture well.

Practice oil pulling thrice or four times in a week, using coconut oil and other essential oils. Afterwards brush, your teeth with the whitening toothpaste.

Comprehensive Approach for Maintenance of Dental Health

Toothpaste that contains natural ingredients such as essential oils, baking soda, xylitol as well as other natural elements, is a safer and effective alternative compared to the ones containing fluorides.

It is undesirable to expose yourself to the risk of harmful chemicals such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and triclosan.

Dentists recommend the following basic guidelines to optimize your dental health in a natural and safe manner:

  • Avoid the use of fluoridated water or fluoridated toothpaste. A great alternative is to use natural toothpastes, either a reputable brand or homemade.
  • Reduce the intake of grains as well as sugar foods. The consumption level of fructose should be lesser than 25 gm per day. In addition, avoid the consumption of processed foods.
  • You must consume a regular diet rich in essential nutrition. It must include fresh, whole items, vegetables, as well as grass-fed meat.

This diet ensures the supply of essential minerals, which are vital for developing strong teeth and bones.

  • Oral hygiene needs regular clean-ups. Visit the dentist who practices natural techniques of cleaning teeth instead of mercury-based teeth cleaning techniques.

You can scrub the teeth briskly using a washcloth immediately before brushing in order to prevent the build-up of a biofilm.

  • Several natural solutions are available to maintain clean, healthy and white teeth. It also helps you avoid bad breath(Halitosis).

Chew fresh mint leaves, parsley, ginger slices, or cilantro for fresh breath. Place a slice of cucumber on the tip of your mouth; it helps in removing bacteria that causes foul odor.

Cucumber helps in releasing excess heat from your stomach, a primary reason causing bad breath.

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How to Get rid of Bad Breadth(Halitosis)


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