How To Boost Physical Performance With Coconut Oil

  • Foods That Give You Energy

The Foods That Give You Energy

An online search for the terms ‘coconut water’ or ‘coconut oil’ will return innumerable sites graciously praising its virtues. The athletes are mainly attracted towards these benefits. But, does coconut oil contribute to the health as well as physical performance of the athletes? Coconut oil is one of the foods that give you energy.

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Yes. It contains a type of healthy saturated fat known as medium chain triglycerides or MCTS. It is different from other fatty acids that are present in other edible oils, because they can dissolve in water and absorbed by cells of the human body quickly. MCTs are dissolved in the bloodstream, and they are transported through hepatic portal system due to which they do not interact with the adipose tissue or the fat storage cells. Hence, they are less susceptible towards getting deposited in the fat cells. Therefore, coconut addresses the common perspective of a healthy body composition as well as a sturdy endurance for a sportsperson.

The Right Consumption Technique

You can either consume a spoonful of coconut oil before engaging in a high-intensity workout. This method is specially adopted by the athletes to lessen their body fat.

In 1998, a research study on a group of cyclists concluded that consuming a solution with 5% MCT affected their time trials negatively and produced a much lower work rate compared to the placebo. The major effect was witnessed due to an increase in the intestinal cramping. Neither did the MCT solution affect the total extent of fat positively nor did it affect the oxidation of carbohydrates. On the contrary, a research study in 2010, analyzed the effect of medium chain as well as long chain fatty acids on cyclists. It concluded that the levels of lactose in the blood as well the exertion was much reduced after consuming food containing MCTs.

Thus it was recognized that while MCTs contributed to the increase of energy as well as fat oxidation, it also lowered your appetite. As a result, it had an advantage of altering the body composition. Hence, if you want to reduce the body fat and can curb your food craving, you must consume coconut oil before an intensive physical training.

Ketones and Thermogenesis

Ketones refer to high energy fuel which nourishes the brain. The fat stored in our body produces ketones while we fast or during starvation, but it can also be converted from medium chain fatty acids that are present in certain foods. When you fast, ketones are used by the body to produce energy in order to avoid muscle loss. The natural super food of coconut oil is a rich source of MCTs.

While most of the athletes consider carbohydrates as the major source of energy, foods having a rich content of good saturated fats can also serve the purpose. Extra-virgin coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy fats, with each tablespoon containing about 13.6 grams of good saturated fat. This can be a benefit for people who are searching for options to increase their energy and enhance the endurance factor. Hence, Coconut oil is one of the top foods that give you energy with less intake.

Calorie Density

This natural super food is an excellent source of energy because it is calorie-dense, as each tablespoon contains about 117 calories. It benefits athletes as well as physical trainers during an intense workout session or competitions. Moreover, athletes who want to build their muscle mass will also require calorie-dense food items. These can be replaced with a tablespoon of coconut oil daily.

Energy boost

The saturated fats in extra-virgin coconut oil differ from those present in several animal products such as butter and red meat. MCTS,

Lose Fat Quickly

In order to achieve a well-toned body, extra-virgin coconut oil comes to your assistance. It increases the metabolic rate, making it a potential fat burner.

Who Can Use It?

How does someone use this amazing natural food along with its energy? Simple. Replace your cooking medium with extra-virgin coconut oil. Now we will learn who can gain an energy boost using the oil.

  • Sports persons and athletes can get an extra boost of their energy level that is required to enhance their endurance as well as performance.
  • Nowadays, people have a busy and unhealthy life; they tend to become a prey to exhaustion, physical strain, and mental stress. In case you complain of strain and fatigue quite often, coconut oil is the best cure that will keep you abreast with the fast pace of life.
  • Old people who need to restrict their food habits due to several age factors, they can try out coconut oil as it helps in curbing their food cravings. Moreover, coconut oil helps in the digestive system due to which less strain is out on their body in turn providing great energy to lead a retired life.
  • Professionals who work in the office for long hours require a great span of attention. Replacing your coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil will help you a great deal because it will increase your concentration power and help you gain focus.

Consuming Coconut Oil For a Great Deal of Instant Energy

You can include coconut oil in the regular diet by following the methods mentioned below.

  • Consume few tablespoons directly from the jar daily.
  • Use it in salad dressings or in your favourite curries.
  • Raw coconut can also be eaten once daily. The mature coconut is brown colored and has a hard shell.
  • Add few drops of coconut oil to your favorite smoothie.

In a ‘Nutshell’

Coconut Oil provides tremendous energy boost to your athletes due to the rich presence of medium chain triglycerides. Studies have proved that the MCTS help in easy absorption that leads to quick conversion into energy. The MCTs are not stored in the body cells as fat and are burned completely.

They help in digestion, increasing the metabolic rate and provide instant energy for a physical activity and endurance. It also acts as a great ingredient for post-workout activities since it helps in refueling the body. Add coconut oil in your daily diet of foods that give you energy and enjoy an energetic and healthy life.

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How To Boost Physical Performance With Coconut Oil


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