How to Use Coconut oil As Firestarter in Outdoors

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Coconut Oil as Firestarter

Coconut oil has countless uses. It has many versatile properties and functions, which makes it handy oil for solving most of your life’s problems, whether big or small. No matter if you have some kind of disease, skin problem, or you just want to clean your kitchen, coconut oil always comes to your rescue. One of the many benefits of coconut oil is, it can be used as firestarter.

With its many uses, including household, industrial, commercial, beauty, hygiene, and health, this miracle oil has a lot of hidden facts related to its multi fold character. You may know about some of them, but most of them are not known to many people.

Let me tell you that coconut oil has been a beauty and dietary staple for millennia. It is a powerful destroyer of all types of microbes, ranging from bacteria and protozoa, to viruses, most of which are very harmful.

Furthermore, coconut oil provides human body with high-quality fat, which is very important for optimal health. Almost 50 per cent of the fat found in coconut oil consists of lauric acid, which is not found in nature very frequently. In fact, coconut oil comprises of the majority of lauric acid as compared to other items found on earth.

The human body changes this lauric acid into the monoglyceride monolaurin.  This monoglyceride gets rid of viruses such as influenza, herpes, bacteria, measles, HIV and protozoa.

This is one of the reasons why coconut oil is so medicinally useful, both when applied externally and taken internally. Moreover, coconut oil comprises of MCFAs (Medium-Chain Fatty Acids) that readily cross cell membranes and are easily digested.

These MCFAs are instantly transformed by your liver into energy, instead of storing them as fat. This is partly why coconut oil is an ideal substitute for non-vegetable carbohydrates. It does not result in an insulin spike in your body and is easy on the digestive system. Therefore, for a quick energy enhancement, you can add coconut oil to your meal or you can simply eat a spoonful of it.

Why is Coconut oil so Miraculous?

Coconut oil is one of the most incredible and amazing natural substances on earth. It can be used as a moisturizer, mouthwash, and what not. In fact, coconut oil has literally thousands of uses related to hygiene, medicine, pet care, industry, cooking, and so much more.

Besides its many uses, coconut oil has several anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. It may even fight cancer. Furthermore, coconut oil can help your body to get rid of parasites, such as tapeworms and lice.

Coconut oil can kill many types of infections and viruses. Your body can easily digest coconut oil and absorb all its nutrition. And, most of all, coconut oil is side-effect free and purely natural.

Types of Coconut Oil

There are many types of coconut oil available in the market. Each one of them is made differently and has its own specialties. Not all of them are the same. Out of the many coconut oils, two are the main ones, which can be used for any purpose. But, the best one to choose is unrefined coconut oil.

Let us have a look at the two different types of coconut oil.

  1. Refined Coconut Oil

Refined coconut oil, which is also known as expeller pressed oil, does not taste or smell like coconut oil. During the refining process, some of its nutrition is removed. This is why, although Refined Coconut Oil is still useful, it is not so effective like unrefined coconut oil.

  1. Unrefined Coconut Oil

Also known as extra virgin or virgin coconut oil, unrefined coconut oil does not go through the refining process. This in turn allows unrefined coconut oil to retain its smell and taste. When used externally, this type of coconut oil gives a slight scent of coconut.

In cooking, unrefined coconut oil produces a minor coconut flavor. It retains all its nutrition. This is why unrefined coconut oil is more effective than refined coconut oil. If you want the very best quality of Unrefined Coconut Oil, then go for the non-GMO organic extra virgin coconut oil.

How coconut oil can help you to build easy outdoor fires.

Whenever you plan to build outdoor fires or campfires, it is certain that you would go for gasoline or any other type of accelerant. However, do you know that now you can easily build outdoor fires, without gasoline or accelerants?

Yes, you heard it right. Apart from gasoline and other accelerants, camp fires can be easily built with the help of coconut oil. Not only is coconut oil a healthy and natural alternative to these chemical-based, harmful substances, but it is also very affordable.

Let us look at some of the ways through which coconut oil can help you to build easy campfires.

  1. As a FireStarter

Coconut oil can be used as a firestarter. For this, you just have to soak some cotton balls in coconut oil and your firestarter is ready. They work great!

  1. Start a Campfire Safely

Coconut oil can help you to start a campfire safely. Rather than depending on your lighter fluid, you can simply soak a few cotton balls in coconut oil. These cotton balls will come in handy to start your campfire.

And, if you want a good fire going, you can add these soaked cotton balls to the kindling that you have assembled. Then, give this mixture a light.

So, how do you really use coconut oil as a firestarter? This is how you can do it.

  1. Soak some cotton swabs or cotton balls in melted coconut oil.
  2. Pack these balls in a sealable plastic bag. Take this sealable plastic bag, wherever you want to start a fire.
  3. Then, when you want to start a fire; take a cotton ball, slightly tear it apart, and light.
  4. Toss this coconut oil ball or swab in the kindling.
  5. If you want more fire, repeat the above mentioned steps again with two or three cotton balls.
  6. Finally, you have got fire. The soaked cotton balls will burn for at least a few minutes, thus resulting in a nice blaze.

So, the next time you want to start a bonfire or go on camping, you can use coconut oil as firestarter.

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How to Use Coconut oil As Firestarter in Outdoors


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