Coconut Oil ingredients: What Makes It Awesome

  • Coconut Oil ingredients

Coconut Oil has a lot of Benefits for our Health, Skin and Hair. Coconut Oil ingredients present in it make it so beneficial.

Coconut oil is basically extracted from a fruit on the coconut trees. This oil has several applications including industrial, medical and domestic. People generally use this oil to cook food in the tropical climate where palm trees as well as coconut trees are indigenous. This oil has different types of fats which are good as well as bad for us. Let’s see coconut oil ingredients.

Coconut Oil Ingredients: Saturated fats

Coconut Oilis basically extracted from the unrefined coconut tree milk and is mainly composed of saturated fats. As stated by the American Heart Association, saturated fats are not healthy fats and they are generally found in animal-based products such as fatty meat and dairy products. A diet with a high content of saturated fats might cause increased levels of cholesterol. This increases the risk of heart diseases as well as high blood pressure.

Coconut Oil Ingredients: Lauric acids

One of the main saturated fats present in coconut oil is fatty acids that are known as Lauric Acid. As per a recent review published in January 2010,Dr. Renta Micha said that the consumption of Lauric acids helps reduce the total level of cholesterol.

Lauric acids are powerful viruses that destroy bacteria and coconut oil has the maximum amount of Lauric acid as compared to any other substance in the world.  Capric Acid is another fatty acid that is present in coconut oil.

Even though it is present in very small quantities, it has been added to the list of anti-microbial components of coconut oil.  It is one of the main reasons why you need to make coconut oil a part of your diet. There are otherwise very limited sources of Monolaurin in our diets. But, the health-related benefits of coconut oil are not just limited to this.

Coconut Oil ingredients: Linoleic acids

Even though it is not a huge component, one of the main ingredients of coconut oil is fatty acids known as Linoleic acid. It is a mono-unsaturated fatty-acid, and not a saturated fat. As per a report by the Maryland Medical University, Linoleic acids are Omega 6 fatty acids that have inflammatory features. However,the body may convert the Linoleic acids into gamma linoleic acids.This decreases inflammation and enhances a healthy functioning of the brain, reproductive system and metabolism as well as bone health.

The nutty sweet flavor associated with coconut oil makes it a popular ingredient in South Indian recipes. Chef AtulKochhar makes his ‘MeenMoilee Fish Curry’ with this oil stating that it is actually a complimentary ingredient and it adds a very distinct type of taste profile. Angus, the founder of Jhal Muri express uses this coconut oil for cooking finger aubergines flavoring the oil in mustard seeds, ginger, cinnamon barks and coriander stalk. Rick Stein also states that coconut oil is a significant seasoning in dishes like Thoran, which is a traditional dish of Kerala that is made with fried and chopped vegetables. Similar to this, coconut oil is used in a number of other dishes to lend a sweet flavor and taste to the dish.

Not all types of coconut oil add equal amount of flavor though. The Refined Coconut Oils are made with dry coconut kernels which are called copra. They are bleached, refined as well as deodorized which means that the oils are unscented. The refined oil has a higher point of smoking at about 230 degrees centigrade than the unrefined variants at about 177 degree centigrade. Thus, it is a good option for deep frying items, or can be used in those recipes that do not benefit from the tropical flavors of coconut.

How Medium Chain Fatty Acids Can Be Beneficial

Coconut oil contains approximately two-thirds of medium chain fatty acids that are MCFAs,also known as medium chain triglycerides. If you are a health conscious person then it is good to consume these fatty acids,as they are beneficial for your well-being.  Coconut oilis consideredthe richest source of healthy medium chain fatty acids of nature. On the other hand, the most common seed and vegetable oils contain long chain fatty acids called LCFAs orLong Chain Triglycerides or the LCTs. However,it is best to avoid these long chain fatty acids because:

  • The body finds it difficult to dissolve LCFAs as they need some extraordinary enzymes to help in being digested.
  • There is a lot of strain on the liver, pancreas and the whole digestive system due to LCFAs.
  • These long chain acids are stored predominantly as fat.
  • Long Chain Triglycerides may be deposited in the arteries in a lipid form like cholesterol.

As compared to LFCAs, MCFAs Present in Coconut Oil has a lot of health benefits that include:

  • MCFAs are very small. They help the cell membrane to permeate easily and the body doesn’t require any extraordinary enzymes.
  • Since these medium chain fatty acids are digested easily, they do not put any strain on the body.
  • Medium chain fatty acids are transformed into energy immediately in the liver and not stored as fats.
  • MCFAs help enhance the body’s metabolism which leads to a reduction in weight.

Secret Ongredients in Coconut Oil

Almost 50% of the fats content in coconut oilis a fat,thatis very rarely available in nature and that is lauric acid. Thisacid is a miraculous ingredient since it has a lot of health benefits.

Our body transforms the Lauric acids into Monolaurin, that has got anti-viral, anti-bacterial, as well as anti-protozoa properties.

Monolaurin is basically a Monoglyceride which is capable of destroying the lipid coated virus like:

  • Herpes and HIV
  • Influenza
  • Measles
  • Protozoa like Giardia Lamblia
  • Various pathogenic bacteria

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Coconut Oil ingredients: What Makes It Awesome


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