Coconut Oil For Skin: How To Make Your Skin Radiant

Coconut Oil For Skin

There are many elements around us that can harm our skin. This includes the natural aging process, UV rays, stress, genetics, and our lifestyle habits. Yet we all want to have skin that is smooth and beautiful. Skin that is dry and itchy isn’t fun to contend with. Skin that isn’t well maintained can also make us look older and less radiant. Let’s see how we can use coconut oil for skin to make it radiant.

Avoid Expensive Products

Marketing efforts from various companies would like you to believe healthy skin requires expensive creams and product system. This is a billion dollar industry every single year. Many consumers buy one product after another trying to restore their skin. Others give up and pay for expensive medical procedures. Not only do they cost a fortune, they are dangerous.

Coconut oil can help to improve your skin naturally. It isn’t expensive and it isn’t hard to use. There is no risk and there is no gimmick. Just simple results that a person can count on. It works on a variety of types of skin and a variety of skin needs. Before you pay for one more skin care product, give it a try!

Facial Scrub

Keeping your face clean and your pores clear is important for healthy skin. Yet many of the facial scrubs actually contain harsh ingredients. As a result, they can make your skin red and irritated. Coconut oil can offer you the value you seek for cleaning your face without the harsh elements you need to avoid.

Mix a small amount of coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt. It is gentle enough you can apply it to your face daily if you like. If you have dry skin, this can help to moisturize it. Once your skin improves, cut back to applying this facial scrub a couple of times per week. It can be used as a makeup remove. Many women find it actually helps them to create longer, fully eyelashes too.


Removing dry and dead skin particles from your body is important for it to be healthy. Yet many soaps and exfoliating products contain harsh ingredients. Mix coconut oil and sugar to create your own exfoliator that is simple, effective, and leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing.


If you feel like your cheekbones aren’t high enough, you can’t change your facial structure without cosmetic surgery. However, you can give the illusion they are higher with the application of coconut oil. Just apply a small amount of it over your makeup. This will also give you a natural glow.

Shaving without Pain

If you have sensitive skin, shaving can be a difficult feat. It is possible to shave without pain though. Apply coconut oil instead of using shaving cream. You can also apply coconut oil after you shave to help soothe the skin.


If you are sensitive to the ingredients in deodorant, you may feel like you have no option but to wear it. Yet it can irritate your skin. The alternative is to not wear it and then to worry all day about body odor. You can make your own deodorant that is easy on the skin and absorbs odor with the Use of Coconut Oil.

Clear up Diaper Rash

Nothing is harder than seeing your little one not feeling well. Babies have very sensitive skin. When they get diaper rash, it can be hard to soothe. Apply some coconut oil at the first sign of it to help the skin be healthy again. Try it one time and you won’t go back to those over the counter products for diaper rash

Stretch Marks

Being pregnant can be exciting, but it does take a toll on the body. Many women apply coconut oil to the skin to prevent stretch marks. It can also be used after birth to reduce the appearance of any stretch marks that are in place.


Too much of UV rays can be brutal on the skin. It can leave it red, hot, and itching. Many people reach for aloe to offer them relief. Next time, try some coconut oil. It will help to provide moisture for the skin and to reduce the heat. It can also reduce the chances of the skin flaking or peeling in the upcoming days.

Moisturize Feet

Dry areas on the feet can make the burn and itch. That can be very uncomfortable. It can also be embarrassing to wear open shoes when your feet aren’t at their best. Even getting cozy with your significant other can be something you are self-conscious about. You can easily moisturize your feet with coconut oil.

Mix enough of it with some sugar to create a rub. Apply it and allow it to sit on the feet for about 15 minutes. Rinse off and you will love how smooth your feet now feel.Since coconut oil is both antifungal and antibacterial it will really make a different for your feet. You can also apply a bit of coconut oil to your elbows if they tend to get dry.

Massage Oil

Forget messy massage oils that can stain your clothing and your bedding. Coconut oil is a natural option and it will help you to relax. It can be used on the entire body and it will help offer a sleek area for massage. It will also be absorbed into the skin with ease to leave it soft to the touch when the massage is done.

Inexpensive Option

You can buy a bottle of coconut oil for less than $20 which will allow you to take care of all of these mentioned skin needs. It is far less expensive than buying separate products for each task. You can also feel great knowing you aren’t using any product with harsh chemicals or ingredients that could harm your skin.

Coconut oil can be part of your daily routine to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Even if you have damaged skin, it isn’t too late to improve it. Make a commitment to use coconut oil for 30 days and see what the results are. You will be glad you did!.

In this article, “Coconut Oil For Skin”, we learned how to use coconut oil to have radiant skin. Use it and have a youthful appearance.

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Coconut Oil For Skin: How To Make Your Skin Radiant
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