What Everybody Ought To Know About Buying Organic Food

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Buying Organic Food

Nowadays, we hear everywhere that you should not only believe in organic living, but also abide by it, since it is healthy for your body both physically as well as mentally. Let me tell you that this is true to a great extent. It is very obvious that organic and natural things would be better than the things laded with harmful chemicals and additives. If you go to a supermarket you will find all types of organic food for your house, ranging from fruits, vegetables, clothing, water bottles, to mattresses.

And, when you see this much variety in organic food, it is more than likely that you will get confused as to what you should buy and what you should not buy. Moreover, if you take the all-natural route of organic living, it can prove to be quite costly for you.

Therefore, we have listed down the 10 best items that you surely must buy organic. Among others, these are the things that are most recommended by experts. This way you can save your money, protect your health, as well as live organically. So, have a look at the 10 things, which are the best to buy organic.

  1. Beef

Most often you would have heard about going for an organic chicken when it comes to buying protein loaded foodstuffs. However, in reality, one of the protein providing foods that surely must be bought organic is beef. It is because cattle are injected with various hormones and estrogen-like agents. These hormones and agents are known to cause different types of cancer in human beings, especially breast cancer. And, I am not saying this just randomly, a number of researches have pointed this out. They implicate that human beings are more prone to cancer risks.

Although strong regulations have been passed related to hormone use in cattle, not every beef producer follows these restrictions strictly. This is why it is recommended that when you go out to buy beef, make sure that it is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)organic certified. This way you can cut out these hormones in your beef, which can lead to cancer in the human body. Additionally, this will also allow you to avoid the large doses of antibiotics typically received by cows, which may develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria in human beings, as suggested by the USDA.

  1. Cookware

With your food, it is also important that you upgrade your pans and pots. This is because most of the nonstick cookware that you use in your kitchen contains PTFE, which is a fluoro chemical. And, when you overheat your nonstick cookware, this fluoro chemical breaks down into toxic fumes, which in turn can cause allergy-like symptoms in your body, as they coat the lungs.

According to various tests conducted by the EWG, cookware that are layered with nonstick surfaces can exceed their temperatures only within 2 to 5 minutes after being placed on a conventional stove, thus emitting toxic gases. You can use ceramic, cast iron, or stainless steel cookware, instead of nonstick cookware.

  1. Strawberries

Although, strawberries are considered a superfood, they can pose potential risks to your health if not eaten organically. Studies show that almost all the strawberries contain up to 13 pesticides and harmful chemicals, as per the analysis conducted by a EWG (Environmental Working Group). Moreover, unlike other fruits, strawberries have many tiny bumps and a large surface area due to which the pesticides are difficult to wash off.

Therefore, you can ingest more chemicals into your body by eating strawberries that are produced using harmful pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, health experts recommend that fruits like apples, peaches, cherries, and blueberries should also be eaten only organic, as they are consumed with their skin on and are usually treated with numerous pesticides.

  1. Popcorn

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the microwave-popcorn bags have a lining that contains a harmful toxic chemical, known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This lining is there on the bag, so that the food does not to the paper.

This PFOA acts as a probable carcinogen. And, it is linked to various hazardous effects, one of which is cancer, along with other effects on the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems of the human body.  In order to avoid this, you should use a pan to make your popcorn on the stove or rather go for an air-popper.

  1. All-purpose home cleaners

Most of the common household cleaners contain harmful chemicals, like chlorine bleach and ammonia that can irritate your eyes, respiratory tract, and skin. Additionally, some of the cleaners also contain phthalates, which act as endocrine disruptors and affect the immune and nervous systems.

They can also affect the reproductive development in males, if males are exposed to this harmful chemical in their early life. You can switch your cleaner that you use in most of the places and quite frequently in your home, like the kitchen-counter spray, with healthier brands that are approved by Eco Logo or Green Seal, which are the 2 organizations that identify items that follow the environmental label guidelines.

  1. Backyard pesticides

You might not even see it as a probable threat, but it can cause serious health effects on your physical as well as your mental health. Most of the garden and lawn pesticides consist of supposed carcinogens, as per the data of EPA. These pesticides can damage your nervous and brain system, if your body is exposed to them for a long period of time, as reported by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

This is because you breathe in these chemicals as well as bring them into your house onto your floor and carpets through your footwear. The alternative to this is to use less-toxic garden-care products offered by healthier brands, such as Eco Clear and Burn Out that are formulated using lemon juice and vinegar and effectively work as weed-killers.

  1. Water bottles

Most of the reusable plastic water bottles contain bisphenol A or BPA in their inner lining. This BPA can mix into the water in the bottle and thus can prove to be very harmful for your health. This is because BPA acts as an endocrine disruptor for your body; that is it obstructs the body’s regular hormone activity, as said by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.Furthermore, BPA can also decrease sperm count in men and can augment breast cancer risk in women. You can sip from BPA-free plastic or unlined stainless steelbottles, in order to remain safe.

  1. Milk

The milk that you are drinking may be actually harming your body, instead of doing something good to it. Studies show that dairy products contain almost 60% to 70% of estrogens that are consumed through food. And, milk naturally includes cow hormones.Around 17 per cent of dairy cows are injected with rBGH or rBST hormone that stimulates production of milk in cows by increasing the circulating levels of a different hormone, known as IGF-1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor).

This IGF-1 can increase the risk of cancer in human beings, such as breast cancer. In fact, rBGH use is banned in Canada and Europe. Therefore, you must purchase milk that has not been treated with artificial hormones or is labeled as rBST-free orrBGH-free.

  1. Food-storage containers

Most of the food-storage containers also have BPA in them, as they are made of the clear and hard polycarbonate plastic. This BPA can get mixed into your leftover food, especially during heating. Instead, you can use glass containers, as they are safe as well as earth-friendly. Both Pyrex and Rubbermaid offer glass containerswith BPA-free plastic lids.

  1. Celery

According to the analysis commissioned by the EWG, celery has most of the pesticides and chemicals as compared to other contaminated vegetables and fruits. Since, the celery stalks are quite porous, they retain the chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed on them, which are up to 13, as per the EWG analysis.Therefore, you must buy organic celery. If you can, you should also buy organic spinach, potatoes, and bell peppers because they also contain a lot of pesticides.

Let’s buy organic food and live a healthy and disease-free life.

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Buying Organic Food


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