How to Prevent Kidney and Bladder Infection Using Coconut Oil

  • Kidney Infection

Bladder and Kidney Infection

If you are experiencing symptoms including burning sensation while urinating, pain in the abdomen, lower back, and groin, foul smelling and cloudy colored urine, frequent urgency to pass urine and blood in urine, you are most probably suffering from Bladder, ureters and kidney infection.

The condition referred to as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can lead to severe consequences, if the condition is not treated. The condition is more common in women due to the shorter length of urethra and the location nearer to anus.

The condition is also caused due to pregnancy, diabetes, men having prostate conditions, certain types of birth control and in case of poor hygiene.

While antibiotics have for a long time used as the main treatment option to fight the infection, they also cause harm in a different way. In addition to killing the infectious bacteria, the antibiotics also kill the good bacteria. This leaves the body vulnerable to candida and yeast infections.

While urinary tract infections are not life threatening, treating them properly will relieve you of the pain and prevent you from becoming prey to yeast or candida infection. Coconut oil helps in bringing about an effective control of the infection without producing any untoward effect on your body.

Coconut oil for urinary tract infections

The modern day lifestyle and diet is not healthy. It leaves you mostly in a dehydrated state. This is because the brain trigger for thirst is misinterpreted by you as hunger, often leading to a dangerous dehydrated state. When you do not consume the required amount of fluids, you are more susceptible to infections of the kidney and bladder.

Since coconut oil contains high concentration of medium chain triglycerides, it can effectively fight against the infection in bladder and kidneys. The anti-microbial effect of coconut oil is a main reason behind this ability to fight infections.

Fighting Bladder and Kidney infection

Coconut oil with its rich medium chain triglyceride content helps in fighting the bladder and kidney infection. This is mainly due to the anti-microbial effect of coconut oil.  The lauric acid ingredient in coconut oil effectively kills fungi, bacteria, and viruses and thus keeps infections at bay.

Nearly 50 percent of fatty acids present in coconut oil are of lauric acid. When the coconut oil is digested in the body, it turns in mono laurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin act against harmful pathogens and prevent infection from occurring.

The substances are effective against staphylococcus aureus, and candida albicans, which is a common causative organism in yeast infections. Thus, the medium chain fatty acids in their natural form and after breaking down help in effectively killing pathogens and thus prevent infection successfully.

Ideal dosage

Since coconut oil is a natural product full of antimicrobial benefits, it is an ideal choice for treating infection in the body. When you consume three to four tablespoons of coconut oil and continue drinking the recommended amount of water routinely, the benefits you get are maximized. This helps in reducing the symptoms of the infection and relieves you from the infection effectively.

In addition to its antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties, coconut oil also helps in protecting the good bacteria. Coconut water is another effective cure for urinary tract infection.

It heals the kidney infection and additionally dissolves kidney stones too. When taken in the recommended dose two or three times in a day, you can speed the healing process.

Ways in which coconut oil helps treating infection of bladder and kidneys

The medium chain fatty acids present in coconut oil including lauric acid and its broken down form namely monolauric acid have powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. This has been studied in detail since 1960s.

The active ingredients in coconut oil inactivate fungi, bacterial, viruses and yeast effectively. With coconut oil alone or in combination with other effective ingredients helps in enhancing the antimicrobial effect of coconut oil. Here are some of the ways in which this is brought about:

In combination with Tea Tree Oil

Since tea tree oil is acidic in nature, it helps to fight bacteria and treat infection effectively. You can use tea tree oil in combination with a few drops of coconut oil for external application in the vaginal region. This helps in killing the bacteria present and helps relieve the burning and painful sensation.

With lemon grass

Lemon grass oil is an essential oil that is great for boosting the immune system.  Dilute the oil with a few drops of coconut oil and apply on the bladder region several times in a day. This provides soothing effect and heals the infection.

Unrefined virgin oil

Coconut oil in virgin form can be applied directly on the entrance of uterine tract to provide soothing effect and prevent frequent urination.

Coconut oil in diet

Adding two to three tablespoons of coconut oil to your diet daily also helps in reducing the discomfort and pain associated with the infection of bladder and kidneys.

Instead of using oils extracted from vegetable seeds, using virgin coconut oil for stir frying foods and general cooking helps to receive the benefits of coconut oil and heal the infection effectively.

The medical field has woken up to the fact that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and various other medications can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it is imperative to use natural remedies, which produce very little side effects, while producing the required cure effectively.

Coconut oil is one such natural product that has amazing healing properties without producing any unwanted effects. Nevertheless, it is safe if you consult your primary health care provider before you start using any type of medication including coconut oil for your bladder and kidney infection.

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How to Prevent Kidney and Bladder Infection Using Coconut Oil


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