Do Not Eat Organic Meats Until You Read This


Organic Meats

As more and more people are slowly including more organic meats in their diet to stay healthy, it becomes essential to understand why exactly is organic for beneficial for your body. Organic meats are those pigs, poultry and cattle that are fed only organic feed that does not include any added chemicals or preservatives. They are raised on organic land and are allowed access to the outside world. These animals are not fed any hormones or antibiotics and thus we get the full benefits of the meat without any side effects.

The difference between organic and non-organic meat is not in terms of nutritional value as they both provide the same benefits. However, non-organic meat contains hormones and antibiotics that may enter the body and cause problems. Let us understand the impact of hormones and antibiotics on our body to understand why organic meats are better for us.

What is the effect of hormones on the body?

When animals are fed products that have been grown using chemicals and preservatives, then growth hormones may enter their body. When we move up the food chain and consume these organic meats, these hormones may enter our bodies as well. These hormones are harmful for our body and studies have shown that they can lead to diseases like obesity, endometriosis, infertility, allergies, cancer, asthma, thyroid diseases, diabetes, and uterine fibroids.

What is the effect of antibiotics on the body?

Animals that are given feed that is produced using fertilizers and synthesized chemicals may ingest antibiotics. These antibiotics are severely harmful for the body as they can affect the healthy bacteria in your intestine as it creates a resistant bacteria strain in the body. Thus, the balance of the healthy bacteria is thrown off and your body may not be protected from several kinds of diseases.

The benefits of organic meats

The reasons why organic meats are considered health foods and preferred over non-organic meats are explained below:

  • Since organic meats are grown using natural, organic feed, they do not contain any fungicides or insecticides that are normally present in fertilizers. These chemicals can cause major damage in the body.
  • Organic meats have no preservatives in them and thus are sustainable for longer and remain fresh. Thus when you eat organic meats you know you are getting only fresh produce and so there are no side effects.
  • When growing organic feed for the animals, no chemicals are used and thus there is no damage to the environment as well. This organic feed increases soil fertility conserves water and reduces soil erosion. It generally helps keep our surroundings healthier as well.
  • Organic meats are those animals that are not fed any animal by products and thus, when you consume these organic meats your body has the right amount of good bacteria. Thus if you fall ill, your body will respond in a positive manner to any antibiotic treatment.
  • Organic meats are fed products that also have no genetically modified organisms in them and thus are completely healthy. These genetically modified organisms are those animals or plants whose DNA has been changed to suit the farming needs.

How do genetically modified organisms affect our body?

Most farmers use genetically modified organisms to grown plants that can withstand fertilizers and pesticides. This is then fed to animals and then we consume these animals. Since the plants can now withstand the pesticides, farmers tend to go overboard using them in order to grow a larger quantity of produce and quicker. These pesticides can have a severe negative effect once they enter our body.

Pesticides have been shown to heighten risk of certain types of cancer like breast cancer, brain tumors, prostate cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma. If children are exposed to these pesticides at an early age, it can cause several problems like behavioral disorders, motor dysfunction, autism, developmental delays and may also harm the immune system. As we keep eating these genetically modified meats, the pesticide levels in our body keeps increasing and thus our body becomes less resistant to diseases and also weakens our immune system.

Thus as you can see organic meats are more healthy than non-organic meats and are thus a more viable than to include in our diets. But organic foods can be a bit more expensive that other products and thus it is best to follow the below tips to make sure we don’t land up in debt.

Buying organic meats within your budget

Ideally, you should wait for the local farmers’ market to take place in your neighborhood, as the organic products there are priced much cheaper. Local farmers also sell more quantities of these organic meats for less. You can also join a food cooperative society that will give you discounts on the organic meats and thus keep it within your budget. Another thing you must keep in mind is to buy organic meats when they are in season as this is when you will get the best rates on products.

Eat organic meats with caution

This does not mean that you consume large quantities of organic meat, as they are healthier. Organic meats still contain a large amount of cholesterol and fat that can cause a number of problems if eaten in excess. When too much cholesterol and fat is consumed, then your body is prone to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

Thus, even though organic meats are healthier than non-organic meats as they do not contain any added chemicals or preservatives, it is best to consume them in moderation. There is still cholesterol and fat in the meat that can cause severe damage to the body when eaten in excess. So,go-ahead avail the benefits or organic meats but stick to a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit and ensure that your bodies get the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Also, try buying these organic meats from local farmers markets and cooperatives, especially when they are in season.

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Do Not Eat Organic Meats Until You Read This


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