10 Home Remedies For Earache, Sore Throat and Congestion Using Coconut Oil

  • 10 Home Remedies For Earache, Sore Throat, and Congestion Using Coconut Oil
  • 10 Home Remedies For Earache, Sore Throat, and Congestion Using Coconut Oil

Sore Throat

Doctors define a sore throat as a painful sensation of irritation in your throat that leads to swallowing problems. You may also develop dryness, itchiness, swelling of pituitary glands, and white spots on your tonsils.

The major factor causing a sore throat is a viral infection such as flu or cold or a bacterial infection that causes diphtheria, strep throat, and whooping cough.

Common symptoms of sore throat include breathing problems, joint pain, ear pain, fever above 101°F, problems in swallowing, and a hoarse voice.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are caused due to infection from bacteria or viruses in the middle portion of the ear. These infections mainly occur behind your eardrum. In such infections, the Eustachian tubes, which connect your ear with the throat’s back part, is harmed. Either the small tubes become swollen or it is blocked with wax and gooey liquid.

Main causes of ear infection include allergy, common cold, sinus infections, excessive formation of mucus, and passive smoking. Common symptoms that you may observe during an ear infection include tingling pain in the ear, loss of hearing, ringing sensation in the ear, wax discharge, stuffiness, vertigo, vomiting and nausea.

Nasal Congestion

It refers to stuffiness in the nose where the nasal passage is blocked due to sinus infection. Common causes of the problem include allergies, exposure to toxic chemicals, pollutants, chronic sinusitis, tumors, and inflammation of the nasal passage.

Symptoms include pain in the nasal passage, excess mucus, running nose, and swollen tissues in the nose.

Coconut Oil: A Natural Home Remedy for Ear Infection

A great natural home remedy for ear infection is the use of coconut oil. You just need to put few drops of coconut oil in your ear and the discomfort and pain will disappear. At room temperature the oil is solidifies; hence, you must heat the oil slightly before applying it in your ear.

Rather than applying the oil yourself, you must take the assistance of your friend or family member in putting the oil drops into your ear. You may use a dropper. You must lie down when oil drops are being administered.

Keep lying with your head tilted upwards after applying coconut oil, allowing the ear to absorb the oil. You may use wipe the outer region with cotton, in case oil oozes out.

Steps to Use Coconut Oil to Treat Ear Infection

  1. Take a saucepan and heat 2 cloves of garlic with 1/8 cup coconut oil. Garlic provides additional antibacterial properties that combine with the antibacterial properties of coconut oil and help in curing the ear infection quickly.
  2. Continue heating the mixture at simmered heat up to 5 minutes.
  3. Remove the pan and keep it aside.
  4. Once the oil reaches a temperature of 37°C (check using a thermometer) you can place it into your ears.
  5. Lay flat on the floor or on the bed; your ear should face the ceiling. Stretch your ear from its top with one hand towards the outer direction. Place 2 drops of the mixture into your ear using an eye dropper. Allow the ear to absorb the oil for 5 minutes. Wipe the oil present on the outer part of your ear with cotton. Avoid using it inside your ear canal.
  6. Repeat the same process by turning to the other side, in case you have infection in the other ear as well.
  7. Continue using coconut oil two times daily over a period of seven days. The symptoms of ear infection will fade away and the ear canal will not feel stuffiness.

Treat Sore Throat Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural home remedy for sore throat due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It has a rich content of antioxidants and lauric acid that promotes the healing properties of coconut oil. You can use coconut oil to avoid viral infections such as cold and flu and thereby enhance your body’s immunity level. If you are suffering from cold, the use of coconut oil will shorten the duration of the illness. Moreover, it provides a soothing effect to your throat and provides immediate relief.

To prepare this home remedy, you require fresh lime juice (3 tbsp), raw honey (1/4 cup), and coconut oil (2 tbsp). Take a saucepan and mix the ingredients. Heat the pan over low heat in order to melt the coconut oil. Consume a spoon of the warm mixture or an s required. You can even ad this syrup into your tea or hot water to cure the sore throat quickly.

How to Cure Congestion With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil provides immediate relief to the problem of congestion due to its strong and effective healing properties. The oil serves as a great antibiotic for treating inflammation as well as blocked nasal passages.

You may add 1 tbsp coconut into your hot beverage to provide immediate relief. You may also implement the technique of oil Pulling Using Coconut Oil.

10 Home Remedies For Earache, Sore Throat, and Congestion Using Coconut Oil

  1. Compress: you may use a damp washcloth or a hot compress to soothe your painful sensation in the ear.
  2. Garlic: It is useful for treating infections affect your ear, nose, and throat. It helps in treating blocked respiratory passages and removes the toxic substances from your body
  3. Gargling: When you gargle with lukewarm salt water, it provides immediate relief to your throat and the nasal passage. It also helps in removing excessive mucus in the throat.
  4. Fluid intake: These infections drain excess amount of fluid and salt content from your body. You must replenish the vital nutrients and minerals by consuming more fluids.
  5. Steam vapor: You can reduce the stuffiness of the nasal passages by placing your head above boiling water; it helps in reducing congestion. You must blow your nose completely to get rid of the excess mucus.
  6. Soup: A bowl of hot soup relieves congestion and soothes your sore throat. Moreover, it balances the level of hydration required by the body.
  7. Essential oils: You can mix essential oils such as eucalyptus with menthol and use it as a nasal vapor rub.
  8. Ginger: Combine 1 cup of boiling water with few pieces of raw ginger to provide immediate relief from sore throat.
  9. Echinacea: Add 1 or 2 gm of this herb into your hot cup of tea to provide relief from infections in the ear, throat, and the nose.
  10. Vitamin C: You must consume fruits that are a rich source of Vitamin C such as orange, lemon, or lime in order to treat such infections.

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10 Home Remedies For Earache, Sore Throat and Congestion Using Coconut Oil


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