9 Dangerous Side Effects of Coconut Oil: Read This Before You Use

  • Side Effects of Coconut Oil

9 Dangerous Side Effects of Coconut Oil

Coconut is a miracle oil with a lots of health benefits. It also has some serious side effects if used improperly. In this article, let’s look at 9 dangerous side effects of coconut oil.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 1: Increase in the Cholesterol Levels

Research studies lately have concluded that people must avoid the consumption of coconut oil because it increases the level of bad cholesterol. The USFDA and American Heart Association conducted experiments and concluded that consumption of saturated fats is the main attribute of developing high cholesterol. Hence, plant-based oils such as coconut oil should be avoided because it has a rich content of saturated fats.

However, it has been argued that coconut oil comprises of essential fatty acids or medium-chain triglycerides that improve the body’s metabolism and convert food into energy quickly. Moreover, the saturated fats present in the form of lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid are not deposited in the fat cells.

In addition, nutritional experts have proved that hydrogenated coconut oil is not suitable because it contains fewer nutrients compared to the health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil is preferable to vegetable oils. Hence, you must include extra virgin coconut oil in your kitchen pantry.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 2: Allergic Reaction

Coconut oil is normally regarded as a natural super food because of its several health benefits. However, few people are prone to develop allergies when they consume coconut oil or other coconut products.

Some people develop mild allergies such as skin problems and hives. Few people develop serious allergic reactions that can be life-threatening such as anaphylactic reaction.

A medical case study reported that a patient developed serious anaphylactic reaction when he ate ice creaming containing coconut oil. Two other people developed allergic reactions that were life-threatening.

Another case reported by National Institutes of Health reported that a child suffered from serious gastro-intestinal problem after consuming milk and coconut oil.

If you are prone to allergies due to coconut oil, you may test the sensitivity to coconut oil by applying one drop of coconut oil on the insensitive area of skin. You should monitor the condition for a day to observe any symptoms of swelling.

Dr. Bruce Fife, a nutrition expert proves that coconut oil is highly effective and efficient in avoiding microbial attack because it kills fungus, viruses and bacteria. Symptoms of skin allergies due to coconut oil fade away after few days.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 3: Intestinal Distress

You may consume coconut oil orally to fight bacterial infection as well as harmful germs. But you would ask ‘isn’t this quality a benefit then?’ Not really.Your body comprises of good bacteria and microbes that help build your immunity.  If you consume more than the prescribed quantity of coconut oil, it will kill the harmful microbes and develop side effects for a short period.

When you consume excessive coconut oil, you tend to develop symptoms of intestinal discomfort or diarrhea. If you are a beginner and want to avail the health benefits of coconut oil, you must consume small amounts of the oil and increase the intake gradually.

However, you must always consult your doctor before increasing the quantity of coconut oil consumption.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 4: Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are not considered as healthy. These fats are deposited in the fat body cells and may even block your arteries. The fats may stick to the walls of your arteries and hamper the normal circulation of blood throughout the body. As a result, a person is prone to develop high level of blood pressure.

Due to blockage of the arteries, the blood circulation is slow and sluggish. Hence, your arteries develop blood clots that can lead to major cardiovascular diseases.

However, moderate consumption of coconut oil will not be harmful. The fact that coconut oil contains good saturated fats makes it a healthy food item.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 5: Anaphylaxis

It is a rare phenomenon that coconut oil will cause severe anaphylaxis. This allergic reaction refers to a sudden and sever allergy that affects the entire body and eventually may lead to death.

Normally, people who are prone to developing allergy to hazelnuts tend to develop anaphylaxis when they consume coconut oil.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 6: Symptoms of Diarrhea

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides or essential fatty acids that help in treating intestinal disorders such as IBD, IBS, or constipation.

However, if you consume greater amounts of coconut oil, it will result in loose bowels and softer stools. Moreover, you may develop the symptoms of diarrhea.

Hence, you must consume moderate quantities of coconut oil on a daily basis to enjoy its health benefits. Moreover, you must consult your doctor if you develop any harmful side effects due to the consumption of coconut oil.

Normally, people living in the tropical regions consume up to 10 tablespoons coconut oil daily. They consume it directly from the jar, apply it as a skin massage, or use it as a cooking medium.

You can gradually increase the intake after proper medical consultation.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 7: Acne

Usually, coconut oil is considered as a good alternative to your cosmetic skin moisturizer. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the pores of your skin and heals skin dryness. Moreover, if you apply coconut oil on your acne-affected areas, it will reduce the visibility of the scars formed due to acne.

However, excessive application of coconut oil results in the deterioration of skin tissues present deep blow the skin’s surface such that your skin becomes worse instead of healing scars formed due to acne breakout.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 8: Weight Loss

The idea of losing weight without much effort sounds exciting. Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids that help in your weight loss regime because they are quickly absorbed by the cells and converted into energy.

Health experts recommend consumption of moderate quantities of coconut oil. Otherwise it might lead to vomiting and nausea. Consult a doctor immediately if you feel uncomfortable after consuming excessive coconut oil.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil 9: Anti-fungal Infections

The die-off effect of coconut oil refers to the side effects of the natural product when it is used to treat infections caused by fungus. Fungal organisms are inhibited due to the anti-fungal properties of coconut oil but it also releases several harmful toxins in your blood stream that may cause symptoms of cold and flu. However, such symptoms fade away after few days.

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9 Dangerous Side Effects of Coconut Oil: Read This Before You Use


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